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Hello Everyone! Wow its been a long time since ive updated this site! Well starting today Travis's Lyrics is back up and running, and boy do i have some new songs in store for you! Sooo many new songs with great meanings, it will be a coupls days to update everything, but as soon as i get everything under control the ste will have new songs daily...I will send an e-mail to everyone in the mailing list as soon as i start to add new songs onto the site. Please help me get this site as popular as it was last year, so many people would send me coments on the songs and the site had so much activity it was crazy, so if you have any friends that used to visit the site, please tell them the site is back up! Im in the process of a new layout plan for the site that will be really interactive and fun, and yet easier to view songs and other things! Please bookmark this page and visit it daily to keep up with the songs im writing, Thank you again for your support!
Hey people... I bet your thinking "Damn its about time he updated the site" Well im really sorry for the wait, but ive got lots of songs to show you! Ive been working on so many songs here lately. Im working on a song called "Feel You" Its about how you can feel a peoson in your presents even if they are not there! Heres a line or two of it "...Yout pretty face, has made this image in my mind, it will never leave, it is here to stay...". Also, I finished a sonf entitled "Whisper" It doesnt have a a real meaning, its just some things on my mind. Here is a part of it "...I want to hold you, and never let go, take you inside me, its the only place you can see, dont take it from me, come forth me, stay inside me...". I also finished a poem. " i know your saying "A poem, what the hell for?" Well I wanted to express myslef a differnt way, so i wrote a poem... It will be on here Tuesday... Also Feel You will be here on Tuesday. I finished an untitled song that i like alot. I will upload it sometime next week. So check back later and read some new songs...

I've been busy wrtitn down all my ideas for songs... I bet i have started at least 5 new ones. It will be a while before i get them all on the site, becasue im still editing them and stuff. Today i added "Anger", which is an old song of mine that i wanted you to check out.. It is about all my anger that i have had over the years and what i has done to me and stuff like that. Heres a part of it "...All the anger all the pain built inside my brain keeps me thinking of my life and how it went down the drain..." I hope you all injoy the song. Im almost done with a song i started this morning called "No One" Hers a part of it "...I cant stand to be this way, someone help me, care for me, love me please, Someone, Anyone, Just love me...". "No One" will be uploaded sometime tonight so come back later and check it out...I also foud an old song of mine called "Wanting Love" im not quite finished with it yet, but whenever i am ill tell ya... I also just got finished with with a tribute to my girlfriend called "Nicole". The song goes along with the letters of her name.. I like it i hope she does too...

I was digging through through some of my old songs and i happen to find "Lie" which was a very emotional song for me, i worte in in Novermber of 2001. I like it so I decided to put it on the site. It expresses alot of hate because i was lied to and cheated on, so i hope you like it... I also finished "Life In General", it will be uploaded onto the site a.s.a.p. so come back later and see if its on here or not.

I really didnt get much of anything accomplished today... I was really busy, and no ideas have came to mind for a new song... Maybe i will think of something later.... Anyway come back tomorrow and see whats up with the lyric news...

Today i worked on the song "Brain Washed" which will be uploaded as soon as i get it finished. Heres a part od "Brain Washed": "...I think about you all the time, I cant get you out of my mind, You have me brain washed and theres nothing i can do..." I also started on a song which i havent named yet... It will announce the name on the site as soon as i figure one out for it! So come back and check the site out again.

Hello everyone! Today i added a comment box to all the song, so you can send me a comment on how u liked/disliked the song... Please fill them out and send them to me. I'm also almost finished with "Happy" so sometime this week i will have it uploaded on the site.

Today I uploaded "Klown". Please Check it out and tell me what you think of them by sending me a comment! I also worked a small portion on "Happy" today. Today at work, i also put together a great song called "Regretful", this song with also be uploaded on here today, So check it out! Regretful doesnt really have much of a meaning to it, but if i had to say, i would tell ya that its all the anger built up from past experiances which i dont want to mention, but please tell me what you think of it... I started working on a song called "Brain Washed" today also. Its about how you are addicted to someone that they have you brain washed and can get you to do anything...

Hello, today i finshed the song "Klown". "Klown" is a great song and incurage you to check it out! The lyircs in this song are great! I also keep working on "This is the day". "This is the day" will be released Tuesday or Wednesday, sorry i couldnt get it finished earlier. Just bare with me it will be on here as soon as possible, i promise! Last night some lyrics passed my mind, and began to sound pretty good, so i keep writing and when i got finished i liked the outcome. So i made it a song, which is entitle: "Life In General". It really doesnt have a lyrical meaning. It is just some things disscused in life. I think the lyris are ok. On a scale from 1-10 i would rate it a 6. Here is a sample of the song:"...When i think about the things ive done, it remids me of how i run-away from everything and everyone..." I will have "Life in General" uploaded by tonight sometime. I am also still in the process of writing the song "This is the day" heres a lyric from the song:"This is the day we start the world over, nothings gonna' be the same, everythings gonna' change..."
Today in class i started writing a song called "Happy". It may take me a while to get this song finished, with all my other projects going on, but i will try to have it on the site by Thursday. Work on "The one" is also in progress, news on this song will be posted at a later time...

Today I uploaded "Fake" and "Forgotten". I also started on another song that im calling "Klown". "Klown" is about people that think they are perfect and never do anything wrong. It expresses alot of hate toward those kind of people! Heres a part of it: "...I tried to tell you once, but you didnt even care.. I try to help you out, but you had to be unfair...""Klown" should be finished by tonight sometime, please come back and check it out! I also worked some on a song called "This Is The Day" The song really doesnt have much of a meaning to it, just some lyrics that i thought were cool. "This Is The Day" should be finished about Tuesday, so check out the site for updates! Oh I almost forgot Yesterday we exceeded the 100 person mark! Thank you all for checking out my site. Please Bookmark it, Its updated numerou times a day!

I got "Popular" Uploaded along with "You Hated" and "Forever". Please check them all out and tell me what you think of them. Im now working on two more songs. One is entitled "Game Of Life", it has became one of my favorite! Here is a short exert of it: "...Im just a small player in this huge game of life, i can't deside whether you live or die..." Im hoping to have it finished by tonight and get it on my site also. Keep checkin up on it, it will be on here by tonight!

Today I finished writing the song "Popular".(which will be posted on this site as soon as possible) I also started three more songs today, i will try to have those finished a.s.a.p.

I stayed up very late working on a song i call "Popular". It's about how so many people try to become popular but are lacking that perfect way to look, or the right crowd to hang out with, or that certain thing that holds them back from becoming Popular. I will try to have that finished by tomorrow.

I was at work today and I was thinking about my girlfriend and how much she means to me then a song popped into my head, so I grabbed the nearest pen, and a sticky note and began to write. It ended up being a very good song. I read it to my girlfriend and she loved it... so im hoping you people out there will enjoy it too.

I really dont know what was wrong with me today hardly anything i started to write was worth a crap! I bet I threw awat 1000 pieces of paper! I must have writers block or something... Well i will continue on tryin to get my brain working again, check out the page tomorrow for updates.

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