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Travis's Lyrics


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I wrote this song while i was thinking about my girlfriend. "Forever " means alot to me because it came from the heart. Its really hard to exprees my feeling to her,so with this song it should help her understand how much i love her!

I promise you, Ill love you forever, forever
Our love will never end, never
I will br true to you, forever
I would never lie to you, ever

I know youll always love me, forever
Oh please don't lie to me, ever
We'll trust each other, forever
You mean so much and you will, forever

Oh please don't change,
I'll never hurt, Just believe me.

Oh trust me please,
I dont know what to do,
Im so in love with you

Please dont hurt me,
Ill always love you
Till the day that I die.
I promise you,
Ill always be faithfull

I know you will do the same, forever
Lets Always be to, one-another
Lets keep this love Forever!

Created January 24, 2002
Copywitten 2001-2002 Travis's Lyrics