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Travis's Lyrics


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You Hated

This song was wrote at a very depressing time in my life. This song was about a girl, who i thought i was in love with, and it turned out she really never liked me...

i sit here watching, the love of my life
looking, glaring and thinking of the past
i try to understand why you dont love me
i see, i see, i see your hatred

i wonder why, you hated me
i look in your eyes and see you glaring at me
i wonder why your staring at me
do you really hate me or is this just a game
you act like you love, you act like you hate
dont disguise your feelings
and act like yourself

i loved you and you hated me
i loved you and you didnt even care
i loved you , you hated me
oh why did it have to be this way
and i cry myself to sleep everyday

i see you there, as if you didnt even care
oh why.....
did you hate me

This song was written sometime in Novermber of 2001.
All lyrics are copywritten by Travis Summers