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Travis's Lyrics


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Game Of Life

This song just popped in my head one night while i was laying in my bed. So i got up and just started writing. Its about all the games we play in life and how one person cant control everyone...

im playing this game of life
that ill never conquer
ill always strive to do my best
but ill always be the worst

ill always be at the bottom
tryin to make my way up top
and all the things in life
make you really want to stop

if you are not smart
youll let it drag you in
it seems like it ties you down
and makes you go insane

were playing the game of life
that no one will ever win
its just a life of sin
thats all it will ever be

so when something goes wrong
dont look and stare at me

im just a small player
in this huge game of life
and i cant deside whether
you live or die
destinay desides that
and thats the way it will always be

so never turn your back
on the ones that you love
because in the game of life
that all you ever have

so think before you speak
and have alot of fun
because in the game of life
your always on the run!


Written on January 26, 2002
Copywrited 2001-2001 Travis's Lyrics