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Travis's Lyrics


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No One

I wrote this song at a time when i was very depressed, and lonely. Its very emotional and i really didnt want to put it on the site but i did anyways.

No one loves me
no one cares
i have no reason to live
might as well die

please someone love me
why doesnt anyone care
i could die and no one would notice
please god help me

im so sick and tired
of everyone and everythng
no one wants me
no one even cares for me
no one likes me
everyone hates me

oh why...
i cant stand to be this way
someone help me
care for me
love me

please someone anyone just love me
i hate this feeling of loneliness
no one will come
no one ever comes
oh why doesnt anyone care
no one will ever love me...

Created Febuary 6, 2002
Copywritten By Travis Summers