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Travis's Lyrics


No One | Nicole | Anger | Lie | Regretful | Klown | Game Of Life | Forgotten | Fake | Forever | Popular | You Hated

It's about how so many people try to become popular but are lacking that perfect way to look, or the right crowd to hang out with, or that certain thing that holds them back from becoming Popular.

Popular! We wanna be popular!
We're all losers and
we don't have a clue
about who we are or
what were gonna' do.

We wanna be popular!
I'm tired of being
picked on, pushed down,
pissed on, laughed at,
not respected!

Im a loser and i know it!
What can I do about it?
Please help me!

I wanna be popular!
I wanna be well know
I want everyone to like me
Everyone just hates me!
Why does it have to be this way?
I just wanna be popular!

Created January 25, 2002
Copywitten 2001-2002 Travis's Lyrics