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Travis's Lyrics


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This song has a great meaning to it! Its about all those people think they are somthing that they are really not! It explains how I try to tell them they should act different, but they always think they are right!


im just a clown
in your unordinary world
you think i dont have feelings
and you think im just unreal

but i have somthing to tell you
and its really not that nice
so get ready to bare it

i think your the clown in life
and i believe its very true
everything you have
doesnt seem to suite you

your just a selfish clown
and thats all youll every be
so take a break and

listen to what have to say
i tried to tell you once
but you didnt even care
i try to help you out
but you have to be unfair

oh yeah i forgot you wasnt even real
thats why your a clown
and nothing much more
clown shut your mouth and
listen to what i have to say
or in the end youll have to pay!

Created January 27, 2002
Copywritten 2001-2002 Travis's Lyrics