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Travis's Lyrics


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This song is about someone which i cared for a long time ago, that person lied to me and the only way i could express this is through this song...

You act like you loved me
but you never ever did
you lied to me
and broke my heart

i cant stand what you did
i thought you really cared
but you didnt
i never ment anything to you

why did you lie to me
i thought it was the truth
i really thought you loved me

the whole thing was just a lie
just a lie
thats all it was
nothing but a lie

i hate you for doing this
you made me live this lie
i thought you really cared about
i thought you would never lie to me
but you did

your living one big lie
and i hate you for this
why'd you have to lie

no one can trust you
its not the truth
nothings the truth
its all just a lie

Created sometime in November, 2001
Copywitten 2001-2002 Travis's Lyrics