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Travis's Lyrics


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This song is a personal song about someone that i really hate now. That person lied to me, used me, and verbaly abused me. Now i have Forgotten all about her!

How are you
Im doing fine, without you
do you still love me
cause i still love you

i want you
do you want me too
please take me back
i want you so bad

wont you please just come back
i miss you so much
do you miss me too

i would have died for you
i love you
i wish you loved me too

i would kill for you
do you even really care
i cant stand to
be without you

do you care for me
believe in me
love me
respect me

wont you come back and stay
i promise you, i have changed
oh i shall, never think, about you
ever again


Written sometime in Novermber, 2001.
Copywritten by Travis Summers