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This song really doesnt have a meaning, but if i had to say something, i would tell ya that part of it is about life experiances i have had with people, which i dont want to talk about...

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As i walk down this street of loneliness
i think about you and me and how we used to be
oh now i see the way you treated me

i tried to do my best for you
but it wasnt good enough
nothings good enough for you
nothing matters to you

i am so lonely now i cant even speak
i tried to treat you good but you dont care
all you do is sit there and stare
you stare at me as if im an idiot

oh well you the idiot now
and youll always be one
oh why did it have to be like this
you treated me like s***

and i regret all i did for you
and i regret ever saying tat i loved you!
i thought i did but ill never love you again!
i couldnt stand the way you treated me
and the way you spoke to me


if i had a chance to take it back i wouldnt even stale
i would never take you back
im tryin to forget it all
oh why did i have to call!

you should be sorry your not and
thats the way it will be forever and a day!

Created January 25, 2002
Copywitten 2001-2002 Travis's Lyrics