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Super Sonic
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+The New Band In Town+

+Super Sonic+ Finished Songs:

"Go Away"


"Stupid Whore"

"Hate Me"


"You Hated" (solo)

Songs In Progress:


"This is the day"



A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

+Super Sonic+ NEWS:
+Super Sonic is trying to deside on a release date of their first album entited "Lava Lamp". A ruff estimate will be around Feb 21st, or sometime around then. If date changes, you will be notified here!

+Super Sonic realses new song called "Naked". Also Lead vocalist +Travis Summers+ is back and writing new songs, planing for the release of the new album. Release date will be presented at a later time.

+Bassist Jon Caldwell Gets A Mohawk... In the Pictures you see Jon with his one spike, but its time for a change, so he desides to get a Mohawk(which he always does himself).